Thursday, 9 May 2019


The weather continues to be cold and mostly cheerless. There's little proper rain but a constant, damp, dripping.

I continue to walk for my health. Once again in the park, this time in drizzle instead of mist, and observing fungi on and around a stump. 

IDing the fungi would probably be easier if I knew what kind of tree this used to be (?).
P.s. I put a photograph of this on iSpot where John Bratton kindly id-ed it
as Cramp-Ball (Daldinia concentrica) - which is what I know as 'Alfred's Cakes' and
have previously found on beech.
My walking speed is picking up but am still finding it difficult to rise properly to my feet after crouching and I'm reluctant either to touch the ground or to get stuck scrabbling around trying and failing to re-stand. It's weird having to be careful of germs when for most of my life I've been a hands-in-the-dirt kind of person. I suppose I should do some crouching and rising exercises at home!

Meanwhile, until my leg muscles get strong, photographs are likely to be a bit snap-shotty.