Wednesday, 12 December 2018


A short entry to let you know I am in hospital with Acute Myloid Leukaemia. I was diagnosed on Thursday 29th November and admitted to hospital the next day.

I began the first cycle of treatment - ten days of chemo-therapy- on Friday 7th December. I'll be in hospital for four or five weeks depending how quickly my body recovers from the onslaught. Then after a time at home, back here for more treatment. It should take about four months altogether.

Thanks to the steep Halifax Hills, the allotment and three flights of steps in my house my starting point is healthy and my heart is physically strong.

During the onslaught of the treatment I have to be kept away from possible infection so I'm in a room of my own (with a shower and a loo to the side). A combination of the NHS and a local charity provide a fridge and a kettle, a TV and free internet in our rooms. Without these - and my laptop - life would be lonely and difficult so I am very grateful.

The doctors are blunt. The next four months are likely to be horrible and the outcome is not certain. Hopefully by the summer I'll be up and running but there are no guarantees.

Sorry there's no picture.