Sunday, 3 September 2017


Man in yellow upside down on Pole. Circus Raj at Piece Hall in Halifax UK.

Every day I'm here in Halifax, my affection for it grows and I'm glad for the move.

It's different.


Definitely different from Dorset. But that was the point - to seek something new.

Yellow flower in grass. Dorset.

Recently, though, I had to go back south to take final readings on the gas, water and electricity meters and to hand back keys to the house.

This might have been painful. I might have had a crisis. I might have changed my mind. I might have decided I didn't want to live in Yorkshire after all. Disaster! But I didn't. I wanted to blow my life in Dorset aside like a dandelion clock. Done.

Leaves of prickly plant in grass in Dorset.

Rather than sleep in my old house void of furniture carpet lifted etc. etc. . . . I lived in a tent. There were ground level plants everywhere.

Tiny plant growing between paving stone and kerb, Halifax, UK

And so there are in Halifax! It's just that I'll have to pay more attention!

Red and yellow upright flowers in grass in Dorset.

Summer in Dorset is full of colour.

Security guard in yellow vest. Red no-entry sign. Halifax, UK

And in Halifax too.
I'm here.

(The performers in the top photo are part of Circus Raj - one of the re-opening events at The Halifax Piece Hall.)